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The Village Board Meeting of 05-13-19
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 Airdate: 2019-05-13
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Recognition Ceremony for Garrett Carney, PO Leone & PO Smith
Res. No. 2019-113 Authorization to Levy Unpaid Water Rents
Res. No. 2019-114 Acceptance of Donation
Res. No. 2019-115 Authorizing Village
Administrator to Terminate Pool Concession Agreement with TNT Dining
Res. No. 2019-116 Authorizing Village Administrator to Sign Pool Concession Agreement/Westchester Food Service
Res. No. 2019-117 Authorizing Village Administrator to Sign Pool Maintenance Contract/Nu Clear
Res. No. 2019-118 Authorizing Village Administrator to Sign Agreement with Funtime Amusements
Res. No. 2019-119 Approval of Court Intern / Maria Zuna Ortiz
Res. No. 2019-120 Authorization to Close Memorial Plaza/Pleasantville Day
Res. No. 2019-121 Authorization to Close Memorial Plaza/Memorial Day Parade
Res. No. 2019-122 Authorization for No Parking / Firemans Parade Friday May 31, 2019
Res. No. 2019-123 Approval of Block Party Request/Congress Street May 18, 2019
Res. No. 2019-124 Approval of Block Party Request/Garrigan Avenue June 15, 2019
Res. No. 2019-125 Authorizing Village Membership in Federated Conservationists of Westchester County
Res. No. 2019-126 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2019-127 Approval of Summer Camp Registration Fee for Village Employees
Res. No. 2019-128 Appointment of Court Attendants/Raymond Mena & Jae Sun Hwang
Res. No. 2019-129 Award of Bid for Summer Camp Bus Services
Res. No. 2019-130 Approve Budget Transfers
Res. No. 2019-131 Approval of Check Register FYE 2019
Res. No. 2019-132 Approval of Check Register FYE 2020
Res. No. 2019-133 Approval of Management Salary Increases
Res. No. 2019-134 Acceptance of PCTV Financial Statements & Budget
Category: Government
Guests: Garrett Carney PO Leone PO Smith
The Village Work Session of 05-13-19
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 Airdate: 2019-05-13
Total Views: 16
The Village of Pleasantville Pedestrian Committee presents their survey results.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: The Pleasantville Pedestrian Committee
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 Airdate: 2019-02-13
Total Views: 3
This is a six hour loop that broadcast in February on PCTV. We uploaded it as a test of the website backend.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none
The Board of Education Meeting of 05-21-19
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 Airdate: 2019-05-21
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The Board of Education votes on SUPERINTENDENT'S RECOMMENDATIONS: Subject -Appointments/Reappointments/ Resignations.
Category: Education
Guests: none
Youth Survey Report 2018
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 Airdate: 2019-05-13
Total Views: 6
Judy Mezey, Director for Community Based Programs at Student Assistance Services, shares the Pleasantville Youth Survey Report, complete with data slides and clarifying information.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Judy Mezey
The Board Of Education Meeting of 04-23-19
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 Airdate: 2019-04-23
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The Board of Education honors the 8th Grade Writing Award Winners, receives the Winter Athletic Season Recap and reviews the 2019-2020 Proposed School District Budget.
Category: Education
Guests: Joe Wallace
The Board of Education Meeting of 04-09-19
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 Airdate: 2019-04-09
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The Board receives the "Final Recommended Budget" from PUFSD administration.
Category: Education
Guests: none
The Village Board Meeting of 04-22-19
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 Airdate: 2019-04-22
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Res. No. 2019-101 Adoption of 2019-2020 Village Budget
Res. No. 2019-102 Approval of 2019-2020 Refuse Collection Rates
Res. No. 2019-103 Approval of 2019-2020 Water Rates
Res. No. 2019-104 Authorization to Sign Tax Warrant Fiscal Year 2019-2020
Res. No. 2019-105 Approval of Master Fee Schedule
Res. No. 2019-106 Approval of Budget Transfers
Res. No. 2019-107 Approval of Check Register FYE 2019
Res. No. 2019-108 Approval of Check Register FYE 2020
Res. No. 2019-109 Appointment Deputy Village Treasurer / Noreen McGinty
Res. No. 2019-110 Approving Authorized Signatory for Financial TransactionsRes. No. 2019-111 Mayoral Appointment to Conservation Advisory Council / Sophie Worley
Res. No. 2019-112 Authorization to Accept Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems (MS4) Annual Report
Category: Government
Guests: none
Buisiness Person of the Year 2018
 Series: Chamber Chat
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 Airdate: 2019-04-24
Total Views: 14
The Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce President, Bill Flooks, and Pleasantville Mayor, Peter Scherer, award Paul Paljevic, Proprietor of Eurospa and Flights Whiskey Bar, the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Person of the Year.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Paul Paljevic
The Village Annual Organizational Meeting of 04-01-19
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 Airdate: 2019-04-01
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Oath of Office:
Village Justice John Curley
Res. No. 2019-68 - Mayoral Official Appointments
Res. No. 2019-69 - Mayoral Appointments to Boards, Commissions and CommitteesRes No. 2019-70 - Schedule of Regular and Work Session Meetings 2019-2020
Res. No. 2019-71 - Procedure for Calling a Special Meeting by the Board of Trustees
Res. No. 2019-72 - Designation of Official Newspapers
Res. No. 2019-73 - Approving Authorized Signatories for Financial Transactions
Res. No. 2019-74 - Designation of Bank Depository for Village Funds
Res. No. 2019-75 - Attendance at Conferences
Res. No. 2019-76 - Setting the Rate for Mileage Reimbursement
Res. No. 2019-77 - Approval of Advance Approval of Claims
Res. No. 2019-78 - Approval of Investment Policy
Res. No. 2019-79 -Approval of Purchasing Policy
Res. No. 2019-80 - Approval of Fiscal Policy
Res. No. 2019-81 - Approval of Credit Card Policy
Res. No. 2019-82 - Approval of Social Media Policy
Res. No. 2019-83 - Approval of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Procedures
Res. No. 2019-84 - Establishing Employee Eligibility for Health Insurance as Required by the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
Res. No. 2019-85 - Establishing Standard Work Day for Elected and Appointed Officials
Res. No. 2019-86 Mayoral Trustee Assignments to Boards, Commissions, Committees and Village Departments
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none