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Molly Jong-Fast: The Sex Doctors in the Basement
 Series: About Writing
 Monthly Views: 36
 Airdate: 2005-04-16
Total Views: 2784
Writer Molly Jong-Fast on her book, "The Sex Doctors in the Basement."
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Molly Jong-Fast, writer
Hudson Valley Fermented 2019
 Monthly Views: 35
 Airdate: 2019-03-02
Total Views: 35
Host, Nick Antonaccio, discusses the Pleasantville Rotary Club's upcoming event, Hudson Valley Fermented, while sampling some of the food and drink that will available at the event with Henry Leyva (Chair of the event) and Thierry Pradines of Best Wine Purveyors filmed at Craft Pizza and Beer.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Henry Leyva, Chair, Hudson Valley Fermented Thierry Pradines, Proprietor, Best Wine Purveyors
The Board of Education of 02-26-19
 Monthly Views: 23
 Airdate: 2019-02-26
Total Views: 30
The Board of Education receives a student presentation and then delves into budget review, looking at Technology, Operations & Maintenance, Athletics, District-Wide, and the Tax Levy Cap.
Category: Education
Guests: none
The Village Board Meeting of 02-25-19
 Monthly Views: 15
 Airdate: 2019-02-25
Total Views: 24
Public Hearing Regarding Introductory Local Law 1 of 2019 - Prohibition of Retail Sale of Marijuana
Public Hearing - Manville Rd Corridor Improvement and Civic Space Project
Res. No. 2019-32 Adoption of Local Law 1 of 2019 Concerning the Retail Sale of Marijuana
Res. No. 2019-33 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign NYCLASS Agreement
Res. No. 2019-34 Acceptance of Donation from PCTV
Res. No. 2019-35 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2019-36 Approval of Appointment to Motor Equipment Operator / Aldo Conte
Res. No. 2019-37 Approval of Check Register
Res. No. 2019-38 Approval of Appointment to Laborer / Brendan Duane
Res. No. 2019-39 Designation of Polling Place and Hours for Village Election March 19, 2019
Res. No. 2019-40 Approval of Unpaid Village Social Media Interns
Res. No. 2019-41 Approve Appointment of Intermediate Clerk Part Time Available
Category: Government
Guests: none
The Board of Education Meeting of 03-12-19
 Monthly Views: 15
 Airdate: 2019-03-12
Total Views: 15
Budget Review - Bedford Road School, Pleasantville Middle School, Pleasantville High School, Educational Services
Category: Education
Guests: none
PCTV and Frankenstein's Baby Collaborate
 Monthly Views: 11
 Airdate: 2019-03-21
Total Views: 11
PCTV & Frankensteins Baby team up to make a music video of their original song A SIMPLE LIFE in a party atmosphere at Captain Lawrence Brewery. Come be a part of the video and eat, dance, enjoy!
Tickets in Advance $95
At the Door $110
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Frankenstein's Baby
Dr. Rudolph Ballentine: Healing from a National/Personal Disaster
 Monthly Views: 10
 Airdate: 2001-09-28
Total Views: 1763
This show with Dr. Rudi Ballentine marks the opening show for The Listening Place. Inspired by the events of Sept. 11. 2001, Rudi, author of "Radical Healing" talks about the value of understanding the emotional and spiritual aspects of illness and trauma.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Dr. Rudolph Ballentine
Ron Roth: Healer
 Monthly Views: 9
 Airdate: 2002-07-11
Total Views: 1727
Ron Roth was a Catholic Priest for over 25 years where he began his healing mission. After the 25 years, he retired from the Priesthood, and began a practice of healing that went way beyond the Catholic Church. His series of talks on The Lords Prayer, and on Spiritual Healing, are classics. In this interview Ron talks about his healing from a stroke that occurred just 60 days previously.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Ron Roth
One Way Ticket to Armageddon
 Monthly Views: 9
 Airdate: 2019-03-01
Total Views: 9
Host, Wayne McPartland, talks about how the Trump Administration wants to suspend a neuclear arms treaty with Russia.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none
Alan Sklar
 Series: About Writing
 Monthly Views: 8
 Airdate: 2010-07-28
Total Views: 2448
Narrator/Voice Actor Alan Sklar reads narrative excerpts to Co-hosts Ben Cheever and Rob Fleder and demonstrates the do's and don'ts of narrating audio books.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Co-Host Rob Fleder and Narrator/Voice Actor Alan Sklar