Buisiness Person of the Year 2018
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 Airdate: 2019-04-24
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The Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce President, Bill Flooks, and Pleasantville Mayor, Peter Scherer, award Paul Paljevic, Proprietor of Eurospa and Flights Whiskey Bar, the Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce 2018 Business Person of the Year.
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Guests: Paul Paljevic
The Village Annual Organizational Meeting of 04-01-19
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 Airdate: 2019-04-01
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Oath of Office:
Village Justice John Curley
Res. No. 2019-68 - Mayoral Official Appointments
Res. No. 2019-69 - Mayoral Appointments to Boards, Commissions and CommitteesRes No. 2019-70 - Schedule of Regular and Work Session Meetings 2019-2020
Res. No. 2019-71 - Procedure for Calling a Special Meeting by the Board of Trustees
Res. No. 2019-72 - Designation of Official Newspapers
Res. No. 2019-73 - Approving Authorized Signatories for Financial Transactions
Res. No. 2019-74 - Designation of Bank Depository for Village Funds
Res. No. 2019-75 - Attendance at Conferences
Res. No. 2019-76 - Setting the Rate for Mileage Reimbursement
Res. No. 2019-77 - Approval of Advance Approval of Claims
Res. No. 2019-78 - Approval of Investment Policy
Res. No. 2019-79 -Approval of Purchasing Policy
Res. No. 2019-80 - Approval of Fiscal Policy
Res. No. 2019-81 - Approval of Credit Card Policy
Res. No. 2019-82 - Approval of Social Media Policy
Res. No. 2019-83 - Approval of Equal Employment Opportunity Policies and Procedures
Res. No. 2019-84 - Establishing Employee Eligibility for Health Insurance as Required by the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act
Res. No. 2019-85 - Establishing Standard Work Day for Elected and Appointed Officials
Res. No. 2019-86 Mayoral Trustee Assignments to Boards, Commissions, Committees and Village Departments
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Guests: none
The Board of Education Meeting of 03-26-19
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 Airdate: 2019-03-26
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The Board of Education discusses the budget and a potential bond referendum.
Category: Education
Guests: PMS Science Olympiad
Village Board Meeting of 03-25-19
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 Airdate: 2019-03-25
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Res. No. 2019-50 Approval Temporary Appointment of Deputy Village Treasurer / Noreen McGinty
Res. No. 2019-51 Acknowledge Village Board Receipt of FYE 2020 Tentative Budget
Res. No. 2019-52 Schedule Public Hearing for FYE 2020 Tentative Budget
Res. No. 2019-53 Notice of Public Hearing/Overriding the Property Tax Cap
Res. No. 2019-54 Authorization to Tow/Farmers Market Saturdays 2019 Season
Res. No. 2019-55 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2019-56 Approve Request to Waive 30 Day Notice for Liquor License / Arc Stages
Res. No. 2019-57 Accept Resignation Recreation Assistant/ Stephanie Villa
Res. No. 2019-58 Accept Resignation Court Attendant/ Michael Farley
Res. No. 2019-59 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign Agreement with OnSolve for Code Red Services
Res. No. 2019-60 Approve Promotion & Salary Increase for Domenic Bongarzone
Res. No. 2019-61 Approve Budget Transfers
Res. No. 2019-62 Approval of Check Register FYE 2019
Res. No. 2019-63 Approval of Check Register FYE 2020
Res. No. 2019-64 Approve Budget Transfers DFC Grant
Res. No. 2019-65 Approve Closure of Tompkins Avenue Parking Lot Saturday May 18, 2019
Res. No. 2019-66 Approval of Appointment to Laborer / Shawn Tiffany
Res. No. 2019-67 Approval of Appointment to Motor Equipment Operator / Leonard Balducci Jr.
Category: Government
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PCTV and Frankenstein's Baby Collaborate
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 Airdate: 2019-03-21
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PCTV & Frankensteins Baby team up to make a music video of their original song A SIMPLE LIFE in a party atmosphere at Captain Lawrence Brewery. Come be a part of the video and eat, dance, enjoy!
Tickets in Advance $95
At the Door $110
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Frankenstein's Baby