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Series: Two Steps to the Left - 154 episodes available

Episode: Smoke and Pundits
Airdate: 2018-05-03 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland highlights current issues overshadowed by the Robert Mueller Russia investigation.
Episode: A Conversation with Annie Nova
Airdate: 2017-11-09 | Guests: Annie Nova

Host Wayne McPlartland interviews Annie Nova, journalism student, about the craft and its relevance during the current Trump administration.
Episode: Trumps War on the Planet
Airdate: 2017-04-10 | Guests: none

Host, Wayne McParland, gives his perspective on what he calls, "Trumps War on the Planet".
Episode: The Trump White House
Airdate: 2017-03-28 | Guests: none

Host, Wayne McPartland, opines on the Trump White House.
Episode: Indivisible Pleasantville
Airdate: 2017-03-17 | Guests: Margaret Ables, Co-Founder of Indivisible Pleasantville

Host, Wayne McPartland, interviews Margaret Ables, Co-Founder of Indivisible Pleasantville, about the organization; how it started, how it works, how to join and its goals.