Series: Two Steps to the Left - 165 episodes available

Episode: I'm Presidential
Airdate: 2016-04-22 | Guests: none

Wayne McPartland talks Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as the primary season rolls on.
Episode: Fukushima Fallout
Airdate: 2016-04-01 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland revisits the Fukushima nuclear disaster and its continued fallout.
Episode: Drown The New Deal
Airdate: 2016-03-21 | Guests: none

Wayne McPartland discusses the main stream media's biases as they cover the 2016 presidential campaigns.
Episode: Presidential Primaries
Airdate: 2016-03-04 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland gives his take on the political landscape as the presidential primary season moves throughout the country state by state.
Episode: Power Elite Reality
Airdate: 2016-02-15 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland dicusses his feelings on the business class's control of the political elite in the race for the white house and politics in general.