Series: The Village of Pleasantville presents - 61 episodes available

Episode: Press Conference of December 5, 2019
Airdate: 2019-12-05 | Guests: none

The Village of Pleasantville's December 5, 2019 Update on the Police Investigation in the Village with Mayor Peter Scherer, Chief Erik Grutzner and Superintendent Mary Fox-Alter.
Episode: Veterans Day 2019
Airdate: 2019-11-11 | Guests: Frank Landi Teresa Brown Tom Abinanti Mary Fox-Alter PHS Razor's Edge Peter Scherer Jim Brown

The American Legion Fancher Nicoll Post 77 and the Village of Pleasantville Co-Host Veterans Day 2019.
Episode: History and Ecology of the Eastern Coyote
Airdate: 2019-10-16 | Guests: Dana Goin

Dana Goin, Wildlife Outreach Specialist for the Wolf Conservation Center, gives a presentation on the "History and Ecology of the Eastern Coyote".
Episode: Pleasantvilleville Day 2019
Airdate: 2019-05-18 | Guests: none

Interviews with student groups, not for profits and volunteers at 2019 Pleasantville Day in Pleasantville's Memorial Plaza.
Episode: A Preview of the 15th Annual Pleasantville Music Festival
Airdate: 2019-06-20 | Guests: Peter Scherer Bruce Figler Andy Goodman

Mayor Peter Scherer discusses the upcoming 15th Annual Pleasantville Music Festival with Festival Executive Director, Bruce Figler, and Executive Director Emeritus, Andy Goodman.