Series: Catching Up with Mayor Peter Scherer - 11 episodes available

Episode: The February 2014 Edition
Airdate: 2014-02-26 | Guests: Mayor Peter Scherer

Mayor Peter Scherer discusses current local commercial property proposals and other Village issues
Episode: January 2014 Edition
Airdate: 2014-01-21 | Guests: none

Mayor Peter Scherer discusses current Village of Pleasantville issues from current commercial proposals to the upcoming village elections on March 18, 2014.
Episode: "The 2013 Pleasantville Music Festival"
Airdate: 2013-06-13 | Guests: Sol Skolnick, 2013 PMF Co-Executive Director Bruce Figler, Radio Personality, 107.1 The Peak

Mayor Peter Scherer discusses the upcoming 2013 Pleasantville Music Festival with Sol Skolnick (Co-Executive Director of PMF 2013) and 107.1 The Peak radio personality, Bruce Figle
Episode: "April 2013 Edition"
Airdate: 2013-04-10 | Guests: Peter Scherer, Village of Pleasantville Mayor

Village of Pleasantville Mayor, Peter Scherer, gives an overview of the fiscal year 2013/2014 Village Budget, discusses other current issues and makes announcements regarding upcom
Episode: The March, 2013 Edition
Airdate: 2013-03-18 | Guests: Peter Scherer

Mayor Peter Scherer discusses the budget process and new proposals by Toll Brothers and Benchmark.