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Series: About Writing - 99 episodes available

Episode: Irving Berlin: New York Genius
Airdate: 2020-01-02 | Guests: James Kaplan

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews James Kaplan, Author of "Irving Berlin: New York Genius" about his book and writing in general.
Episode: Running To The Edge
Airdate: 2019-10-11 | Guests: Matthew Futterman

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews Matthew Futterman, NY Times Deputy Sports Editor and Author of "Running to the Edge", about his book, running and writing.
Episode: The Peanuts Papers
Airdate: 2019-09-17 | Guests: Andrew Blauner

Ben Cheever interviews Andrew Blauner, Editor of The Peanuts Papers, about the book, writing and more.
Episode: The Wonder Code
Airdate: 2019-07-29 | Guests: Scott Mason

Host Ben Cheever interviews Scott Mason, Author of The Wonder Code, about the book and discovering the way of Haiku.
Episode: It's Great to Suck at Something
Airdate: 2019-07-17 | Guests: Karen Rinaldi

Host, Ben Chever, interviews Karen Rinaldi, publisher/editor/writer and Author of It's Great to Suck at Something about the different angles of the writin profession and her aforem