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Episode: Woody: The Biography
Airdate: 2016-03-07 | Guests: David Evanier

Host Ben Cheever discusses "Woody: The Biography" and writing with its author David Evanier.
Episode: The Good Book
Airdate: 2016-01-16 | Guests: Andrew Blauner

Ben Cheever, host, interviews Andrew Blauner, Literary Agent, about "The Good Book" which he recently edited.
Episode: Hesitation Wounds
Airdate: 2016-01-16 | Guests: Amy Koppelman

Ben Cheever, host, interviews Amy Koppelman, author of Hesitation Wounds, about the book, the industry and her writing process.
Episode: The Wisdom of Perversity
Airdate: 2015-03-19 | Guests: Rafael Yglesias, writer

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews Rafael Yglesias, writer and author of "The Wisdom of Perversity", about his new book and molestation.
Episode: Commander Will Cushing
Airdate: 2014-12-02 | Guests: Jamie Malanowki

Ben Cheever interviews Jamie Malanowski about his book, Commander Will Cushing: Daredevil Hero of the Civil War,