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Episode: "A Life: e. e. Cummings"
Airdate: 2014-03-20 | Guests: Susan Cheever

Host Ben Cheever interview his sister Susan Cheever about e. e. Cummings and her new book entitled A Life: e. e. Cummings.
Episode: The Splendid Things We Planned
Airdate: 2014-03-13 | Guests: Blake Bailey

Host Ben Cheever interviews Blake Bailey, Author of "The Splendid Things We Planned" about his new book, writing and related topics.
Episode: "So Far"
Airdate: 2014-02-14 | Guests: Cristina Negron

Host Ben Cheever interviews Cristina Negron, Author of "So Far" and Blogger about her work.
Episode: "The New Tycoons"
Airdate: 2013-05-27 | Guests: Jason Kelly

Host, Ben Cheever, discusses "The New Tycoons" with its author, Jason Kelly.
Episode: "I Invented the Modern Age"
Airdate: 2013-04-22 | Guests: Richard Snow

About Writing host, Ben Cheever, interviews Richard Snow about his new book on Henry Ford "I Invented the Modern Age".