Series: Pleasantville In 5, Episode: "Hope's Door"

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About This Episode

Title: "Hope's Door"
Air Date: 02/28/2013
Watched: 65 times
Monthly Views: 0
Guests: Carla Horton, Executive Director of Hope's Door
Topics: Domestic Violence
Hosts: Colleen Griffin Wagner
Pleasantville In 5 Host, Colleen Griffin Wagner, interviews Carla Horton, Executive Director of Hope's Door about domestic violence and the services Hope's Door provides.

About the Series

Title Pleasantville In 5
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Produced By: Colleen Griffin Wagner
Description Welcome to Pleasantville in 5! These 5-minute segments aim to highlight what is new, happening and hip in Pleasantville! Segments are aimed at keeping Pleasantville villagers tuned in to what is happening in our community with brief interviews and quick overviews of the information you most need to have. Our goal is to share what we know and to seek out the things you most want to know. We welcome your feedback and look forward to you joining our ongoing chat!

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