Series: Chamber of Commerce Presents, Episode: "2012 Business Person of the Year"

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About This Episode

Title: "2012 Business Person of the Year"
Air Date: 04/24/2013
Watched: 19 times
Monthly Views: 0
Guests: Karen Cammann
Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville
Karen Cammann receives the 2012 Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year Award at McAthur's American Grill on April 24n 2013.

About the Series

Title Chamber of Commerce Presents
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Produced By: Billie Jean Sorensen, John Krysko, Evelyn T. Latella
Description Pleasantville Chamber of Commerce members interview local shop owners and restauranteurs, encourage viewers to shop locally and discuss holiday gift giving ideas this holiday season.

Video Bookmarks

00:00:19 - Welcome and Opening

00:01:03 - Doug Crossett
Owner of McAthur's American Grill

00:13:45 - Student Visions

00:24:19 - Award Presentation

00:26:45 - Acceptance Speech
Karen Cammann, 2012 Business Person of the Year recipient

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