Series: The Cost of Comfort in your Home, Episode: "Consider Solar"

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About This Episode

Title: "Consider Solar"
Air Date: 05/26/2013
Watched: 28 times
Monthly Views: 0
Guests: Bill Wallerstein of Sunology Solar
Topics: Home efficiency
Hosts: Bill Killion
Host, Bill Killion, discusses solar home solutions with Bill Wallerstein of Sunology Solar in the continuing quest for home efficiency.

About the Series

Title The Cost of Comfort in your Home
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Produced By: Bill Killion, Jon Keck
Description "The Cost of Comfort in your Home" is hosted by Bill Killion, project manager at Belfor Property Restoration, U.S.A and Building Performance Institute analyst and envelope specialist, andJon Keck, president and owner of Keck heating and Air Conditioning. The series goal is to teach homeowners how to make their houses more sustainable and energy efficient.

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