Title: "The Joy of Jazz"
About This Episode Title: "The Joy of Jazz" Airdate: 2012-03-10 Guests: Bob Arthurs , trumpet, and Steve Lamartina, guitar Series: The Arts in Westchester Topics: Jazz tunes at the PCTV studio. Hosts: Stephen Halpern Description: The Joy of Jazz features two outstanding musicians, Bob Arthurs , trumpet, and Steve Lamartina, guitar, performing "old standard" Jazz tunes in our PCTV studio. Both musicians describe what factors drew them to jazz and why Jazz became their abiding passion.
About the Series Title: The Arts in Westchester Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Stephen Halpern Description: The Arts in Westchester is a program devoted to seeing and listening to professional musicians either as soloists or in groups. The program includes personal interviews with the musicians which enables the audience to "get to know" the artists both personally and professionally. Steve Halpern, the originator of the show, serves as producer and host. He is assisted by station manager Shane McGaffey (PCTV Station Manager) who fine tunes the lighting, direction and videography. Steve enjoys capturing audio and editing the programs.
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