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Title: 1st Annual OktoberfestSeries: The Village of Pleasantville presentsAirdate: 2021-10-06Views: 0 this month, 171 life to date


Village of Pleasantville event


Nick Antonaccio, PCTV host, checks out the 1st Annual Oktoberfest, providing sights, sounds and interviews.

About the Series

Title The Village of Pleasantville presents
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Description Filmed events sponsored by the Village of Pleasntville.

More in this Series

Community Town Hall on Development in the Village

Airdate: 11/11/2022

Watched: 35 times

Veterans Day Ceremony 2022

Airdate: 11/11/2022

Guests: Peter Scherer, Boy Scout Troop 12, Bruce McLane, Tony Vullo, Rev. Dr. Debra Bronkema

Watched: 14 times

The Pleasantville Music Festival 2022: A Preview

Airdate: 07/04/2022

Guests: Bruce Figler, Andy Goodman

Watched: 25 times

Veterans Day Ceremony 2021

Airdate: 11/11/2021

Guests: Victor Varga, Mary Fox-Alter, Rev. Kevin O'Hara, Pleasantville High School Vocalists

Watched: 26 times

Ragamuffin Parade 2021

Airdate: 10/30/2021

Watched: 36 times

Facebook Live with Mayor Peter Scherer of 09-21-2021

Airdate: 09/21/2021

Guests: Mayor Peter Scherer

Watched: 179 times

Proposed Village Pool Design

Airdate: 08/19/2021

Watched: 47 times

Pedestrian Committee Public Forum of 06/07/2021

Airdate: 06/07/2021

Guests: Pedestrian Safety Committee

Watched: 26 times

Memorial Day Ceremony 2021

Airdate: 05/31/2021

Watched: 39 times

Police Reform & Reinvention Collaborative

Airdate: 03/04/2021

Watched: 19 times

Spanish Speaking Virtual Public Forum 02-17-2021

Airdate: 02/17/2021

Watched: 11 times

Community Policing Forum of 01-28-2021

Airdate: 01/28/2021

Watched: 25 times

Police Reform on the Topic of Use of Force

Airdate: 12/16/2020

Guests: Police Chief Erik Grutzner

Watched: 27 times

Village Police Forum of 11-19-2020

Airdate: 11/19/2020

Watched: 33 times

Veterans Day Ceremony 2020

Airdate: 11/11/2020

Watched: 16 times

Village Police Reform Stakeholders Meeting of 11-05-20

Airdate: 11/05/2020

Watched: 30 times

Virtual Halloween 2020

Airdate: 11/04/2020

Watched: 6 times

Village Board Meeting of 06-15-2020

Airdate: 06/15/2020

Watched: 8 times

Live Town Hall Meeting

Airdate: 06/04/2020

Guests: Petere Scherer, mayor, Erik Grutzner, Chief of Police

Watched: 63 times

New York Conference of Mayors

Airdate: 05/25/2020

Watched: 3 times

Memorial Day Ceremony of 2020

Airdate: 05/25/2020

Guests: Roy Westmoreland, Thomas Abinanti, Peter Scherer, Steven Lord, Kyle Largey, Joseph Stargiotti, Angela Vella

Watched: 33 times

Press Conference of December 6, 2019

Airdate: 12/06/2019

Watched: 51 times

Press Conference of December 5, 2019

Airdate: 12/05/2019

Watched: 23 times

Veterans Day 2019

Airdate: 11/11/2019

Guests: Frank Landi, Teresa Brown, Tom Abinanti, Mary Fox-Alter, PHS Razor's Edge, Peter Scherer, Jim Brown

Watched: 6 times

History and Ecology of the Eastern Coyote

Airdate: 10/16/2019

Guests: Dana Goin

Watched: 3 times

A Preview of the 15th Annual Pleasantville Music Festival

Airdate: 06/20/2019

Guests: Peter Scherer, Bruce Figler, Andy Goodman

Watched: 16 times

Pleasantville Volunteer Firefighters' Parade 2019

Airdate: 05/31/2019

Watched: 19 times

Memorial Day Ceremony 2019

Airdate: 05/27/2019

Guests: Roy Westmoreland, John O'Loughlin

Watched: 11 times

Pleasantvilleville Day 2019

Airdate: 05/18/2019

Watched: 9 times

The Village Work Session of 05-13-19

Airdate: 05/13/2019

Guests: The Pleasantville Pedestrian Committee

Watched: 17 times

The Village Annual Organizational Meeting of 04-01-19

Airdate: 04/01/2019

Watched: 14 times

Coyotes In Southern New York

Airdate: 11/29/2018

Guests: Chris Nagy, wildlife biologist

Watched: 100 times

Informational Meeting On Coyotes

Airdate: 10/05/2018

Guests: Kevin Clarke, Wildlife Biologist at the New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation

Watched: 200 times

Manville Road Corridor Project Civil Space Improvements

Airdate: 03/05/2018

Guests: Phil Myrick, Jamie Maslyn Larson, Jeff Contelmo

Watched: 73 times

Memorial Plaza Workshop #2

Airdate: 12/14/2017

Watched: 15 times

Veterans Day 2017

Airdate: 11/11/2017

Watched: 21 times

Pleasantville Volunteer Fire Department Parade 2017

Airdate: 06/02/2017

Guests: Thomas R. Langan, Fire Department Secretary

Watched: 72 times

2016 Ragamuffin Parade

Airdate: 10/29/2016

Guests: Peter Scherer, Margaret A. Cunzio

Watched: 54 times

Pleasantville Central Business District Master Plan

Airdate: 09/20/2016

Guests: BFJ Planning

Watched: 84 times

A Preview of the 2016 Pleasantville Music Festival

Airdate: 06/21/2016

Guests: Bruce Figler, Andy Goodman

Watched: 16 times

Village Master Plan Public Workshop

Airdate: 06/16/2016

Guests: Susan Favate, John Douglas

Watched: 29 times

The 2016 Pleasantville Volunteer Firefighters Parade

Airdate: 06/03/2016

Guests: Thomas Langan

Watched: 40 times

Memorial Day 2016

Airdate: 05/30/2016

Watched: 30 times

Pleasantville Day 2016

Airdate: 05/14/2016

Guests: Community organizations

Watched: 41 times

Veterans Day 2015

Airdate: 11/11/2015

Guests: Scott Elliott, Peter Scherer, John Nonna, Jim Brown, Teresa Brown, Kat Hughes, The Bedford Road School Chorus

Watched: 53 times

2015 Ragamuffin Parade

Airdate: 10/31/2015

Watched: 32 times

The 11th Annual Pleasantville Music Festival Preview

Airdate: 06/15/2015

Guests: Bruce Figler, Andy Goodman, Peter Scherer

Watched: 19 times

150th Civil War Commemoration

Airdate: 06/07/2015

Guests: Glen Hayes

Watched: 1208 times

Pleasantville Volunteer 2015 Firefighters Parade

Airdate: 05/29/2015

Guests: Thomas R. Langan

Watched: 60 times

Memorial Day 2015

Airdate: 05/25/2015

Watched: 38 times

Pleasantville Day 2015

Airdate: 05/16/2015

Watched: 47 times

The 3rd Annual Chili Contest

Airdate: 04/15/2015

Watched: 10 times

Veterans Day 2014

Airdate: 11/11/2014

Guests: Scott Elliott, Peter Scherer, Teresa Brown, Jim Brown, Chris Day

Watched: 22 times

Pleasantville Volunteer Firefighters Parade 2014

Airdate: 05/30/2014

Guests: Bob Mittlestadt

Watched: 35 times

Memorial Day 2014

Airdate: 05/26/2014

Watched: 64 times

Pleasantville Day 2014

Airdate: 05/17/2014

Watched: 63 times

2013 Veteran's Day Ceremony at Memorial Plaza

Airdate: 11/11/2013

Guests: Jim Brown, Teresa Brown, Mayor Peter Scherer, Michael J. Smith, Shane McGaffey, Tom Abinanti, Danielle Weldon, Jim Raio, Lew McKinney, Bob Camilli, Bill Flooks, Ed Ciffone

Watched: 81 times

The 2013 Ragamuffin Parade

Airdate: 10/26/2013

Guests: Ghosts and Goblins

Watched: 98 times

The Pleasantville Farmers Market Annual Aplle Pie Contest

Airdate: 10/21/2013

Watched: 24 times

The Pleasantville Volunteer Firefighters Parade 2013

Airdate: 05/31/2013

Guests: Bob Mittlestadt, former Pleasantville Fire Chief, Sandy Hook Fire Department

Watched: 79 times

Pleasantville Memorial Day Ceremony 2013

Airdate: 05/27/2013

Watched: 39 times

Rededication of the WWII War Memorial

Airdate: 04/14/2013

Guests: Grace Rubino Baer, Rev. William A. Holt, Rob Astorino, Westchester County Executive, Peter Scherer, Mayor, Patricia Dwyer, Village administrator

Watched: 43 times

PCTV at the Indoor Pleasantville Farmers Market

Airdate: 04/14/2013

Guests: Shelley Boris, Executive Director & Executive Chef of Fresh Company

Watched: 11 times

"A Fond Farewell"

Airdate: 03/24/2013

Guests: Virginia Pancotti

Watched: 58 times

The 2012 Tina Gambino Run/Walk

Airdate: 10/22/2012

Guests: Michael Bloom

Watched: 162 times

Pleasantville Volunteer Firefighters Parade 2012

Airdate: 06/01/2012

Guests: Hosted by Bob Mittelstadt, Former Pleasntville Fire Chief

Watched: 383 times

Memorial Day 2012

Airdate: 05/28/2012

Guests: Local officials and clergy members

Watched: 321 times

"A Stop on the Historic Underground Railroad"

Airdate: 05/26/2012

Guests: Lawrence Otis Graham, Keynote Speaker

Watched: 443 times

Pleasantville Music Festival 2011 Preview

Airdate: 06/16/2011

Guests: Co Executive Directors of PMF 2011 Rich Sarfaty and, Sol Skolnick and PAMAL General Manager Jason Finkleberg

Watched: 1630 times

Veteran's Day 2010

Airdate: 11/11/2010

Watched: 1044 times

2010 Raggamuffin Parade

Airdate: 10/30/2010

Guests: Special Guests

Watched: 916 times

Village of Pleasantville Press Conference of 10-26-10

Airdate: 10/26/2010

Guests: Peter Scherer, Mayor of the Village of Pleasantville and Anthony Chiarlitti, Village of Pleasantville Police Chief

Watched: 1355 times

Veteran's Day 2009

Airdate: 11/11/2009

Guests: Russell and Alice Tomkins

Watched: 986 times

The Raggamuffin Parade 2009

Airdate: 11/07/2009

Watched: 906 times

Inside Government

Airdate: 06/18/2009

Guests: Jason Finkelberg, Sol Skolnick, Rich Sarfaty, Peter Scherer

Watched: 927 times

Memorial Day Ceremony 2009

Airdate: 06/06/2009

Guests: Lew McKinney, Peter Scherer, Dr. Donald Antonecchia, Bert Ruiz

Watched: 1045 times

The Pleasantville Fireman's Parade 2009

Airdate: 05/29/2009

Guests: Bob Mittlestadt, Announcer

Watched: 1509 times