Title: "Taming College Issues In The Cubicle Jungle"
About This Episode Title: "Taming College Issues In The Cubicle Jungle" Airdate: 2010-02-14 Guests: Steven Roy Goodman Series: "Taming the Cubicle Jungle" Topics: Workplace Discussions that Make a Difference Hosts: Donna Scimia Description: Donna Scimia interviews Steven Roy Goodman about college admissions and its impact on the workplace.
About the Series Title: "Taming the Cubicle Jungle" Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Donna Scimia Description: "Taming the Cubicle Jungle" gives voice to and provides solutions for some of those workplace challenges that all managers and employees encounter from time to time. Whether you're looking to build a great workplace team, dealing with finicky co-workers, trying to improve productivity and morale, or wanting creative strategies to handle the myriad of issues peppering the organizational landscape, Donna and her guests use their combined expertise and a healthy dose of humor and common sense to get you thinking out of the box and moving forward. Donna welcomes feedback and show topic suggestions from her audience.
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