Dear Invitee,

know how it feels to just meet— or long suffer— a dwarfish fellow of advanced years and then to receive an invitation to pay cash money for a couple of hours  “honoring” said bore.  The guarantee of hypocrisy being only slightly ameliorated with the chance of an open bar.

I’ve also felt a similar tightening of the bowel, when I heard people I sorta liked, discussing a party to which I  hadn’t been invited. It mattered not at all that I didn’t want to go to said party.

Basho said it well.

Hearing the cuckoo
I long for Kyoto
Even in Kyoto

I can also imagine the swarm of stinging apologies.

“I would CERTAINLY be there if it weren’t for my”:

Choose 1. 

  • Prestigious job
  • Shrewish wife
  • Overbearing husband
  • Enflamed calendar
  • Enflamed prostate

If you like to come, do so.

If not, not.