Frank, Emma

"Emma Frank has been a Pleasantville resident for 15 years. She is married with 3 children, a dog and a fish that was won at Pleasantville Day 5 years ago!! Her passions are her work, her family and traveling. \"My favorite way to learn about something is to ask someone who knows.\" Thus was born the show."

Garbarini, Andrea

"Andrea Garbarini is a long time Pleasantville resident and a member of the Pleasantville Recycles Committee."

Gordon, Bernard S.

"Bernard S. Gordon served as a Village of Pleasantville Trustee from 1990-1999 and as Village Mayor from 2003-2009 as well as being a founding member of Pleasantville Community Synagogue."

Griffin Wagner, Colleen

"Colleen Griffin Wagner is the host of Pleasantville in 5, a PCTV series that highlights what is new, happening and hip in Pleasantville. Colleen and has contributed her time and services to numerous community organizations and serves on numerous boards throughout Westchester County and the greater New York area. In March of 2012, Colleen was elected to the Pleasantville Village Board and serves as liaison to the Mount Pleasant Library, the Architectural Review Board and the Zoning Board. She is the proud mother of three teenage boys and has been a Pleasantville resident for over 12 years."

Halpern, Stephen

"For the majority of my working life, I was a professor of European and American History at the Borough of Manhattan Community College. I also taught for several years at Rutgers University and Pace University in Pleasantville. My love affair with classical music began in my early teens. I studied oboe and piano and had fantasies of being a professional musician. I was also interested in photography. After I retired from teaching in 2002, I decided to blend my interest in music and the visual arts by creating The Arts in Westchester, a television program, involving performance and interviews. I also work with my wife Sheila creating full-length video documentaries, often on musical themes."

Hellmich, Charles

"Having put in many years as a Pleasantville Rotary Club member, Charley firmly believes in service above self. He has more than three decades of experience in the financial industry, and is currently settling into retirement with his wife and cohost, Heidi. Charley also includes in his PCTV credits serving as producer and host of Around the Town, which spotlights some of Pleasantville's prominent businesses and the people who have made them successful."

Hellmich, Heidi

"Heidis early career was spent in New York Citys advertising and publishing industries. Following a move to Westchester and eight years in the nascent online service category, she maintained a marketing communications consultancy from her home office while raising three daughters. She shares her retirement and the now-empty nest with Charley, her cohost and husband of forty years."