Horigan, Jim

"Jim Horigan moved to Pleasantville two years ago with his wife and three children. Originally from New York, Jim spent almost seven years in Los Angeles California working as an actor and starting a family.[linebreak;]Jim is happy to be back on the East Coast and living in Pleasantville and very grateful to be part of the PCTV family."

Inglis, Michael

"Michael Inglis, a retired science educator, has been gardening in Pleasantville for the last 22 years. Brittish in origin, his garden is an English cottage garden with northeastern trees, shrubs and perennials."

Jenkins, Darryl

"I started the show, \"Winbrook Pride Arts and Entertainment\", to show positive role models. We find people from all walks of life to let kids know you can be successful. Everybody has some sort of story to tell, and you can't use the fact that you grew up in a housing project as an excuse.\r\n\r\n\r\n"

Johnson, Carsten

"Carsten Johnson is the Curator for the Village of Pleasantville."

Keck, Jon

"Jon Keck, president and owner of Keck heating and Air Conditioning"

Killion, Bill

"Bill Killion, project manager at Belfor Property Restoration, U.S.A and Building Performance Institute analyst and envelope specialist."

Killion, Juliette Saisselin

"Juliette Saisselin-Killion worked with her husband Bill Killion and Jon Keck on \"The Cost of Comfort in Your Home\" . \"I was always hearing my husband talk about his love for home efficiency and the home as a system and after doing a number of cost efficient projects to our own house and saw and felt the benefits of those projects I wanted to do a show about efficiencies to help educate the homeowner. Both Bill and Jon had worked for many years on projects together and were eager to share their knowledge. \"The home should be viewed \"holistically\".Juliette currently works for a private investment manager in NYC and is an accredited health coach while pursuing her accreditation in traditional Chinese Herbology."

Klein, Tara M.

"Tara received a Bachelor of Science degree from La Roche College in 1982. Born and raised in Albany, NY, Tara's mother was a resource room special education teacher. Her father was an attorney. She currently lives in Westchester County with her husband, Russ, and their four teenage sons. Tara became committed to advocating for appropriate special education programs through her own personal experience with her learning-disabled twin sons. She joined Westchester Arc in the spring of 2008 to work with the \"Life Planning\" team and to further her knowledge in the area of transition planning.[linebreak;]Tara was the co-founder of the Special Education PTA (SEPTA) chapter in her school district and is the current WEP Regional Special Education PTA Chair. She is actively involved in developing educational programs and encouraging community support and awareness for families of children with developmental disabilities.[linebreak;]Tara was one of only 20 candidates in NYS to complete the first federally funded COPAA Special Education Advocate Training program on the East coast. She is also a certified \"Yoga for the Special Child\" practitioner, teaching yoga classes in the Westchester County area. In addition, Tara has created a web based transition planning toolkit resource to support school staff and parents access and organized the complex documents required for the process.[linebreak;]Go to www.tickbang.com for more information."