Education Specials

Produced by: Nancy Rosanoff
An off-shoot of "The Listening Place"
Produced by: Bert Ruiz
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News and current events from New York State elected officials.
"Olivia Likes ALMOST Everything" is an invitation into the mind ofOlivia Nemec, who really does like almost everything. She enjoyspeople, learning new stuff, riding horses, playing with friends,making movies, staying up late, acting in plays, going to hardwarestores, cooking, using label makers, drumming, and being with hercousins. She is rarely not smiling. One of her favorite shows is PEEWEE's PLAYHOUSE. This summer she decided to make her own show thathad some of the same stuff in it. If you are wondering, Olivia doesnot like going to sleep or the word NO.
Produced by: GG Kopilak, Michael Inglis,
"Outside in Your Garden" is a series of short how to videos.