November 2020

Dear Friends and Supporters,

2020 will be a year no one will forget. The effects of COVID-19 on our community have been difficult for so many, including our local businesses and services. More than ever, the opportunity to support our community through public access broadcasts was significant in bringing critical content to our village and surrounding communities.

PCTV was present in responding to our local officials by hosting COVID-19 updates by Mayor Peter Scherer and the Board of Trustees, school administration and members of the Board of Education.

We supported our seniors at the Clinton Street Center by broadcasting exercise and meditation videos. We interviewed local businesses on their experience with the shutdown and access to the CARES Act.

PCTV’s expertise was instrumental in broadcasting a truly alternative means of celebrating the Pleasantville High School senior graduation ceremony this past June. While meeting remotely became the norm, PCTV was still able to broadcast and deliver content under difficult financial pressures.

On a personal note, after seven years with PCTV, I have stepped down to pass the reigns to a wonderful and long-standing producer and supporter of PCTV, GG Kopilak. GG has been a producer for many years of the “Pleasantville Garden Club” and Pleasantville Connects to the Visual Arts.”  Her passion and support for public access will continue to provide strong direction and focus for PCTV, I would especially like to thank my fellow board members and staff for their continued support and guidance throughout these years.

I also want to thank each and every one who has supported PCTV through our annual appeal, attended our fundraisers, donated to our silent auctions, produces a show, or became a sponsor of PCTV. Over 400 people and organizations have been influential in our success. We hope to continue to increase this support.

We thank you for your continued support to public access and hope you will consider PCTV in your giving plans this year.

Enjoy the holiday season with your friends and family and stay safe and healthy.

Board of Directors:  GG Kopilak (Chair), Nick Antonaccio, Loretta Chiavetta, Jonathan Cunningham, Bernard Gordon, Paul Alvarez (Village Liaison)