November 19, 2021

Dear PCTV Community,

This September marked one year I have been President of PCTV.  It has been an incredible experience and an interesting challenge.  There is much going on with the station, from updating our website, to finding new ways to engage the public in shows of interest, to updating equipment so the Public Access portion of Village shows can simultaneously be broadcast live on the internet and television.

Despite the difficulties with Coronavirus, PCTV was still able to provide a wide variety of programming. Inside Pleasantville Schools gave us a behind the scenes look at principals, athletic directors, guidance counselors, student life, etc. We continued our partnership with the Examiner News, featuring in depth interviews with political figures and people of interest. Our first-ever talent contest proved that we have some gifted community members.  Pleasantville Music Festival Rewind featuring “Best Of” musical performances with commentary helped ease the pain of not having a live event.

We were proud to work with the high school to make the annual spring musical possible. Called

A Grand Night for Singing, it showcased students, with multiple opportunities for them to shine.  The Clinton Street Senior Center called on us to provide interactive videos of healthy outlets like crafts and fitness. Look forward to our new series What’s Up Pleasantville that puts a spotlight on happenings in Pleasantville. If you have missed any of these, take a look on our website:

Our (MAP) video production work has been steady. Many people are aware of our high quality production and we have been asked by several businesses, and others who are familiar with the excellent videos we produce, to create work for them.

Maybe you were one of the people who filled out our recent survey. We were excited to learn that many are interested in controversial subjects and we hope to find producers that will take on these interesting topics and film at our beautiful studio with a green screen, located at 2 Lake Street.  Please email and make a date to tour the studio if you have not seen it. We welcome your input with ideas and volunteering.

The pandemic had its effect on our station as it has with all of you.  Our sponsors are coming back now that things are calming down and we hope to encourage more sponsors to list on our TV channels (Optimum 76 and Verizon 36) and our website.

We sincerely appreciate your support if you have given to us in the past. Your tax-deductible donation is necessary to keep us growing and enable us to broaden our work, expanding to include ideas that will engage the community in interesting and challenging programs.

Wishing you all a healthy next year.


GG Kopilak, President

PCTV Board of Directors: Paul Alvarez (Village Liaison), Nick Antonaccio, Loretta Chiavetta, Andrea Garbarini, Bernard Gordon, Joanna Van Trees