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Hudson Valley Fermentent 2022
 Monthly Views: 1
 Airdate: 2022-05-25
Total Views: 1
Host, Nick Antonaccio, pairs beer and food with Hudson Valley Fermentented Chair and Pleasantville Rotary President, Henry Leyva, and Soul Brewing Company Co-Owner, Allen Wallace and learns more about the upcoming event at Pace University's Kessel Campus Center on June 4, 2022 from 12pm to 3pm.For more information, go to:
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Henry Leyva Allen Wallace
Memorial Day Celebration is Back In Person!!
 Monthly Views: 7
 Airdate: 2022-05-25
Total Views: 7
Host, Joanna VanTrees, gets Memorial Day Ceremony 2022 details from Mayor Peter Scherer now that the event is back in person.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Mayor Peter Scherer
Propagrating Shrubs
 Monthly Views: 0
 Airdate: 2022-05-20
Total Views: 0
Hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, receive a tutorial from Elsbeth Linder, Pleasantville Garden Club Member, on how to propagate shrubs.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Elsbeth Linder
Pleasantville Day is Back!!
 Monthly Views: 30
 Airdate: 2022-05-16
Total Views: 30
Joanna VanTrees, Host, and Mayor "wannabe", Hamlet, interview Mayor Peter Scherer about Pleasantville Day, which is coming up on May 21, 2022 at 10am at Memorial Plaza in Pleasantville.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none
Container Plants
 Monthly Views: 50
 Airdate: 2022-05-16
Total Views: 50
Hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, visit Mitzi Weissman's garden and learn about cantainer planting.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Mitzi Weissman
The Board of Education Meeting of 05-03-2022
 Monthly Views: 9
 Airdate: 2022-05-03
Total Views: 9
The Pleasantville School District Board of Education recognizes teachers receiving tenure, retirements and Teacher of the year as well as conducting regular board business.
Category: Education
Guests: none
The Village Board Meeting of 05-09-2022
 Monthly Views: 20
 Airdate: 2022-05-09
Total Views: 20
Public Hearing: Introductory Local Law 3 of 2022 concerning seasonal limitations on fuel-powered motorized leaf blowers
Res. No. 2022-134 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2022-135 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2022
Res. No. 2022-136 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2022
Res. No. 2022-137 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2023
Res. No. 2022-138 Consider authorizing the Mayor to Sign the Tax Warrant Fiscal Year 2023
Res. No. 2022-139 Consider authorizing the Memorial Day Parade and Ceremony for May 30, 2022
Res. No. 2022-140 Consider authorizing the Community Scholarship Fund 5k Walk/Run for May 21, 2022
Res. No. 2022-141 Consider authorizing the acceptance of the corrected tax rate
Res. No. 2022-142 Consider authorizing the Village Administrator to sign the agreement with J. OConnel & Associates for grant writing services
Res. No. 2022-143 Consider ratifying terms of the Memorandum of Agreement between the Village of Pleasantville and the Civil Service Employees Association, Inc., Local 1000, AFSCME, AFL-CIO (the CSEA) for a successor to the June 1, 2019 " May 31, 2022 Agreement
Res. No. 2022-144 Consider authorizing updated parking regulation for the Pleasantville Farmers Market
Res. No. 2022-145 Consider authorizing Village Administrator to execute custom sponsorship agreements for the Pleasantville Music Festival
Res. No. 2022-146 Consider authorizing the use of remaining NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities Grant Program funds
Res. No. 2022-147 Consider scheduling a Public Hearing on May 23, 2022 concerning the allowance of members of all public bodies of the Village of Pleasantville to participate in meetings via videoconference
Res. No. 2022-148 Consider authorizing creation of pool petty cash fund
Res. No. 2022-149 Consider approving Block Party and Road Closure Request/Sarles Lane
Category: Government
Guests: none
The Village Board Work Session of 05-09-2022
 Monthly Views: 6
 Airdate: 2022-05-09
Total Views: 6
7:00pm Discussion regarding proposed capital projects with the Superintendent of Public Works
7:50pm Follow up discussion regarding use of ARPA funds
8:40pm Discussion of requested parking restriction at Academy and Guion
8:50pm Discussion regarding proposal from BFJ Planning for analysis of R2-A district
9:00pm Executive Session to discuss contractual and legal matters
Category: Government
Guests: none
Swingin' into Spring
 Monthly Views: 34
 Airdate: 2022-05-11
Total Views: 34
Host, Joanna VanTrees, visits Frank Shiner and Russell Ger about the upcoming "Swingin' into Spring" music event happening at the Chappaqua Performing Arts Center Saturday, May 14 at 7pm.More information is available at
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Russell Ger Frank Shiner
Pleasantville Earth Day Interfaith Celebration
 Monthly Views: 17
 Airdate: 2022-04-24
Total Views: 17
The Pleasantville Interfaith Organizations hold an Earth Day celebration on April 24, 2022.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: none