Student Choices & Strategies
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 Airdate: 2021-01-14
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Host, Emily Rubin Persons, discusses "Student Choices and Strategies" with Julia O'Reilly, PHS Student, and Joyce Connell, Coordinator of School Counseling.
Category: Education
Guests: Julia O'Reilly Joyce Connell
Police Reform & Reinvention of 01-14-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-01-14
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Governor Cuomo issued Executive Order #203 which requires each local government with a police agency to perform a comprehensive review of police policies, procedures and practices; and, develop a plan to improve such protocols for the purposes of addressing particular needs of the communities served by such policy agency.
The intent of the process is to be collaborative and transparent. Public forums will be announced and written comments are requested via email to:
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All of Me
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 Airdate: 2021-01-15
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Mexico and the Umited States share the biggest border between the first and third world. This film focuses in on the "Patronas", a group of Mexican women who make food and toss it to the for the helpless.
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VB Meeting 01-11-2021.mp4
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 Airdate: 2021-01-11
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Pleasantville Police Department Promotion to Detective: Police Officer James Chiarlitti
Introductory Local Law 6 of 2020 Parking Restrictions Irvington Street
Res. No. 2021-1 Approval of Stipends for 2020 Pleasantville Music Festival
Res. No. 2021-2 Accept Donation Electrical Supplies / Harry Borg
Res. No. 2021-3 Accept Donation to Clinton Street Center / Andrew Tobin
Res. No. 2021-4 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2021-5 Approve Appointment Deputy Village Treasurer / Heli Shah
Res. No. 2021-6 Approving Authorized Signatory for Financial Transactions / Heli Shah
Res. No. 2021-7 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2021
Res. No. 2021-8 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign Letter of Commitment for Local Actions Saw Mill River Watershed
Res. No. 2021-9 Authorize Village Administrator to Sign 2020-2021 Independent Contract Services Agreements with Student Assistance Services / DFC Pleasantville S.T.R.O.N.G.
Res. No. 2021-10 Consider the Adoption of Introductory Local Law 6 of 2020 which upon Passage will become Local Law 1 of 2021 to Restrict Parking on Irvington Street
Category: Government
Guests: Police Officer James Chiarlitti
The Village Board Work Session of 01-11-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-01-11
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7:00pm Update on FAR Zoning Analysis with Susan Favate, BFJ Planning
7:30pm Update and Discussion on Cooley Street Through Traffic
7:40pm Police Reform Update & Discussion on Quarterly Updates from Police Department
8:30pm Discussion to Coordinate Assessment Grievance Night Tuesday Feb 16th and Schedule Budget Work Sessions
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