Facebook Live with Mayor Peter Scherer of 09-21-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-09-21
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Mayor Peter Scherer's Facebook Live Forum of September 21, 2021 where he gives updates on COVID-19, Ida, the New York State Marijuana Law and upcoming Village related decisions pertaining to it, the Village Pool and more.
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Guests: Mayor Peter Scherer
The Board of Education Meeting of 09-14-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-09-14
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The Board of Education and community is introduced to new staff and receives a report on the opening of schools.
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The Board of Education Work Session of 09-14-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-09-14
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Work Session Agenda:
A. Vision/Purpose
B. Membership/Application Form/Selection Process
C. Goals/Charge
D. Timeframe/Meeting Frequency/Type of Meeting
Category: Education
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Village Board Meeting of 09-13-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-09-13
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Res. No. 2021-224 Approval of Minutes
Res. No. 2021-225 Approval of Budget Amendments FYE 2022
Res. No. 2021-226 Approval of Payment of Claims FYE 2022
Res. No. 2021-227 Accept resignation of Recreation Assistant Workers/Panther Club
Res. No. 2021-228 Appointment of Court Attendants/Adrian Rivera and Corey Dawkins
Res. No 2021-229 Approve closure of Holy Innocents Church/Tompkins Avenue Parking Lot, Sunday, September 26, 2021
Res. No. 2021-230 Approval of Appointment to Community Service Worker/ Sarah Winston
Res. No. 2021-231 Amended Approval for New Hire School Crossing Guard/ Dena Conahan
Res. No. 2021-232 Accept resignation School Crossing Guard/Louis Silviotti
Res. No. 2021-233 Approval of Block Party & Road Closure Request/ Romer Avenue
Res. No. 2021-234 Acknowledging Justice Court Audit FYE 2021
Res. No. 2021-235 Approve New Hires Recreation Assistant/ Panther Club
Res. No. 2021-236 Consider scheduling a Public Hearing to consider Introductory Local Law 6 of 2021 to change 15 minute parking spaces on Manville Road to 30 minutes.
Res. No. 2021-237 Consider authorizing the execution of the Pleasantville PBA Agreement for June 1, 2019 through May 31, 2022.
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Village Board Work Session of 09-13-2021
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 Airdate: 2021-09-12
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7:00pm Discussion to consider changing October 11 Work Session and Board meeting to October 14.
7:05pm Discussion about request to change 15 minute time limited parking spaces on corner of Manville Rd. and Washington Ave. to 30 minutes.
7:10pm Discussion regarding future meeting format in response to NYS legislation allowing for virtual meetings.
7:20pm Discussion about proposed Candy Crawl event on October 30.
7:30pm Discussion regarding outdoor business permits/Chapter A190 of the Village Code.
7:45pm Continued discussion regarding proposed Octoberfest event on Wheeler Avenue.
8:30pm Executive Session to discuss a real property matter and personnel.
Category: Government
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