Rules & Regulations / How To Produce A Show


Part 1

A. A first come, first served, mandate is in use for access to PCTV. PCTV facilities, equipment and channel space are available on an open, non-discriminatory basis to:

1. Residents of Pleasantville with proof of residency.

2. Full-time employees of the “Village” Pleasantville.

3. Full-time Pleasantville Union Free School District Staff.

4. Individuals who work full-time in Pleasantville.

5. Individuals sponsored by a person who fulfills one of the above requirements.

6. Persons under the age of 18 years must have an adult Co-producer and an adult Co-signer for all applicable paperwork and forms

A. Upon completion of the Producer Broadcast Liability Waiver form, a producer certifies that they have read and will comply with PCTV Operating Policies & Procedures regarding program content and certify
that their program does NOT contain any of the following:

1. Advertising material that promotes any commercial product, service or lottery: no call to action
2. Any unlawful use of copyrighted material.
3. Any material that is libelous, slanderous or otherwise defamatory in character.
4. Any material that is unlawful or a tortuous invasion of privacy or has objectionable content.
5. Any material that violates any law relating to obscenity.
6. Any material that violates local, state or federal laws.
7. If such material is cablecast on any PCTV access channel, only the producers and not the operators of PCTV are liable.

A. Having met the above Eligibility Requirements and completed the Producer Broadcast Liability Waiver and individual should:

1. Should provide a written brief for review and submit to the Director of Operations: which will be subject for review by the Board of Directors.

2. Schedule an appointment with Director of operations for taping

A. Create a Level 1 studio show at PCTV Studios.*
(Level 1 show includes approximately 30 minutes of tape time and 2 hours of editing time)

Should a producer show go beyond the limits of a level 1 production and choose to shoot outside of the studio, appropriate fees will apply.

B. Borrow Field Equipment

C. Book editing time in PCTV Editing Suite

D. Volunteer to help Station Manager or other PCTV producers.

A. Must include identification of the Producer, the local Sponsor, and whether it was created with PCTV equipment or not

A. Guest Authorization & Release/ Clearance Forms

It is the responsibility of the Series Producer and the Individual Show Producer to assure that anyone appearing on an in-studio or remote PCTV program has signed a PCTV guest Authorization & Release Form
(See  guest authorization form)

A. Producers should expect communications notices from the PCTV Station Manager, the Director of Operations, or a member of the Board of Directors via E-mail for:


1. Notice of procedural changes.

2. Notice requesting presence at upcoming Producer meeting.

3. Notice of community events that require PCTV Producer presence or participation.

C. Producers should reply to any such communications in a timely manner.


Part II

A. Individual Producers retain ownership of the creative rights to the programs they produce and they may register and establish a copyright at their discretion.

B. PCTV retains ownership of all Level I masters for all shows produced at PCTV Studios and/or with PCTV equipment.


A. Level 1  programs produced at PCTV or with PCTV equipment and/or
facilities must be intended for cablecast on a channel administered by PCTV.

B. In addition to being intended for cablecast on PCTV, at times, with the permission of the Station Manager, program copies may be forwarded to other Public Television Stations for free, public viewing.

C. At all times, PCTV will retain ownership of all Level I Masters.

A. Anyone who submits programming for playback on the Pleasantville access channels (76/36; 78/39) is personally responsible for that programming and must have completed a Producer Broadcast Liability Waiver Form.

A. DVDs or a digital file in MP4 format are the standard formats for playback from the PCTV facilities.

B. DVDs must be clearly labeled with:


1. Title of show.
2. Date of show.
3. Producer
4. Exact program length.
5. Time code in and out points.

C. All media must have at least 10 seconds of silent black before show begins, and at least 30 seconds of silent black at the end of the program

D. All programs must meet minimum technical standards for broadcast.



A. PCTV equipment and facilities are available only to registered access Producers on a first come, first served basis.

B. Registered access producers may make equipment and facilities reservations.

C. Reservations may be made, by calling the PCTV studio at 914-747-4411 or If there is no answer, leave a message and your reservation will be recorded and confirmed as soon as possible.

D. Any PCTV participant who is more than 30 minutes late in claiming reserved equipment or facilities is subject to the loss of use for the reserved time.

E. If any community access equipment fails to operate properly for any reason, and PCTV cannot provide operation equipment to the Producer as scheduled, the producer will be provided with substitute equipment or facilities when possible. Producers are required to immediately report equipment malfunctions to the PCTV staff.

A. Field Equipment may be reserved from Monday through Friday for a period not to exceed 24 hours. If equipment is checked out on Friday evening it must be returned Monday morning. exceptions to these limitations may be made, with prior approval from PCTV staff.

B. Field equipment may be reserved up to 8 weeks in advance.

C. No field equipment may be checked out without a signed Field Equipment Checkout Form.

D. The community Producer is responsible for determining that portable equipment is in good, working order at the time of checkout. PCTV recommends that the Producers set up and test all equipment before leaving the access center. Any malfunctions must be noted at the time the equipment is checked out.  Any damage, lost, or stolen equipment is the responsibility of the renter.

E. There will be a fee of $25.00 a day charged for all equipment checked in later than it’s scheduled date and time.

F. The community Producer is required to return all equipment at the check-in date/time specified on the Field Equipment Check Out Form

G. The community Producer is responsible for assuring that all equipment is undamaged and in working order, and he/she is liable to compensate PCTV for repair or replacement costs resulting from any damages or losses that might occur while the equipment is in Producer’s possession.

(See Field Equipment Reservation & Check Out Form)

A. Anyone who submits programming for playback on the Pleasantville access channels (76/36; 78/39) is personally responsible for that programming and must have completed a Producer Broadcast Liability Waiver Form.

A. The studio may be reserved for a Level I production for a period not to exceed 2 hours per Producer, per day unless other arrangements have been agreed to with station manager.

B. The Producer/ participant and their volunteer crew are responsible for setup and strike of all studio sets, decorations and props. Staff will assist, if available, but the primary responsibility for setup and strike lies with the Producer. Additionally, all producers are responsible for clean–up and storage of any items used from the studio such as drinking glasses. All producers should ensure that bathroom facility is in acceptable condition for their guests.

C. The studio may be reserved up to 8 weeks in advance.

A. Editing equipment for a Level I production may be reserved for a period not to exceed four hours per producer, per day.

B. Editing equipment may be reserved up to 8 weeks in advance.

A. Community Producers who have reserved equipment or facilities they cannot use are asked to notify PCTV at least 24 hours in advance, so that these resources may be re-assigned to others.

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