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Series: 296
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: 296 is an original music showcase produced at PCTV by Marlene Canapi. Filmed in PCTV studios, this show spotlights live, original music and brings it to Westchester's airwaves! This exciting show provides both broadcast opportunity and television exposure for local, musical talent.
Producer(s): Marlene Canapi,

27 episodes available

Episode: "Mojo Monde"
Airdate: 2012-11-14 | Guests: Mojo Monde

"Mojo Monde" performs their music live at PCTV.
Episode: "Brothers Banned"
Airdate: 2012-07-16 | Guests: Brothers Banned

"Brothers Banned" performs their music live at PCTV.
Episode: "Plume Giant"
Airdate: 2012-05-14 | Guests: Plume Giant

"Plume Giant" performs their music live at PCTV.
Episode: "Starnes and Shah"
Airdate: 2012-11-12 | Guests: Starnes and Shah

"Starnes and Shah" perform their music live at PCTV.
Episode: Ryan Vosler
Airdate: 2012-05-05 | Guests: Ryan Vosler

Ryan Vosler performs a live musical set at PCTV.

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