Series: The Listening Place
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: The common thread in the interviews conducted on "The Listening Place" is an interest in who we are, our purpose in life and the awakening of consciousness. As bleak as life often appears, underneath is an evolution of good. "The Listening Place" encourages awareness of that "good."
Producer(s): Nancy Rosanoff,

104 episodes available

Episode: Dean Sluyter and Tony Stern: Spiritual Teachings of the Movie Jaws
Airdate: 2006-04-21 | Guests: Dean Sluyter and Tony Stern

Dean Sluyter and Tony Stern: Spiritual Teachings of the Movie Jaws.
Episode: Julio Medina: Founder/CEO of Exodus Transitional Community, Inc.
Airdate: 2004-03-04 | Guests: Julio Medina

Julio was an inmate at SingSing prison for 29 years. In this interview he talks about his awakening that occurred in prison, and the subsequent work in helping others who are retur
Episode: Carlo Pelligrini: Circus Director
Airdate: 2003-05-28 | Guests: Carlo Pelligrini

Carlo is back to share his further transition from corporate exec. to juggler to Circus Director. Carlo works with young individuals to train them in circus skills.
Episode: CarlLa Horton: Northern Westchester Shelter
Airdate: 2002-01-03 | Guests: CarlLa Horton

CarlLa, executive director of the Northern West. Women's Shelter tells her own story and the stories of domestic violence within this upper middle class county in New York.
Episode: Linda Schneiderman: Living with Cancer
Airdate: 2001-10-18 | Guests: Linda Schneiderman

Linda talks about her healing process around a diagnosis of cancer.

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