Series: The Listening Place
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: The common thread in the interviews conducted on "The Listening Place" is an interest in who we are, our purpose in life and the awakening of consciousness. As bleak as life often appears, underneath is an evolution of good. "The Listening Place" encourages awareness of that "good."
Producer(s): Nancy Rosanoff,

104 episodes available

Episode: Kate Buford, author: "Burt Lancaster: An American Life"
Airdate: 2002-09-12 | Guests: Kate Buford

Kate talks about her love of movies in general and insights about Burt Lancaster that emerged out of her years of research in writing this book.
Episode: Michael Gelb: Awakening Your Genius
Airdate: 2001-11-08 | Guests: Michael Gelb

Michael jumps off the screen as a powerful life force, and his life story and life work go right together. Michael's story will inspire anyone to be more creative and open to inspi
Episode: Paddy Welles: author "Finding Love Again"
Airdate: 2001-12-14 | Guests: Paddy Welles

Dr. Paddy Welles speaks openly about the healing in her marriage that she opened to after discovering that her husband was having an affair. The book records her journey and she co
Episode: Elaine Summers: Kinetic Awareness
Airdate: 2002-10-20 | Guests: Elaine Summers

Elaine is a pioneer in the field of conscious body-healing and movement. Her work is very helpful for anyone suffering from physical pain - no matter how many other techniques they
Episode: Reno Renowitz and Kate Buford: "Rebel Without a Pause"
Airdate: 2003-04-17 | Guests: Reno Renowitz and Kate Buford

Reno is a comedienne who found herself scheduled to perform right after 9.11.01. With the inspiration that "the show must go on" she was inspired to write a show incorporating come

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