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Series: Two Steps to the Left - 162 episodes available

Episode: The Easter Bunny Is A Lie
Airdate: 2020-04-02 | Guests: none

Host, Wayne McParland, talks about how the government was caught unprepared for the COVID-19 outbreak.
Episode: Quarantined
Airdate: 2020-03-26 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland reflects on President Trump's performance from an undisclosed location in quarantine.
Episode: Destroy Bernie
Airdate: 2020-02-24 | Guests: none

Host, Wayne McPartland, discusses the media's declarations that Bernie Sanders can not beat Donald Trump for the presidency and be a drag on down ballot races.
Episode: I've Come To Bury David Koch
Airdate: 2019-10-11 | Guests: none

Wayne McPartland talks about how propaganda works for the rich and powerfull.
Episode: Plan to Bomb Iran
Airdate: 2019-09-17 | Guests: none

Host Wayne McPartland analyzes President Trump's most recent "locked and loaded" comments.