Series: Board of Education presents
Category: Education
Description: The Pleasantville Board of Education's Board of Education Meetings, forums, events and other public meetings regarding the Pleasantville School District.
Producer(s): Board of Education,

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Episode: The Board of Education Meeting of 01-12-2021
Airdate: 2021-01-11 | Guests: none

The board of education receives an Atheletic Report Update and accepts the Superintendent's resignation for the purposes of retirement.
Episode: The Board of Education Meeting of 12-22-2020
Airdate: 2020-12-22 | Guests: Dr. Cameron Fadjo

Dr. Cameron Fadjo, Assistant Supterintendent for Instructional Services, gives a Technology Update with the help of the building principals.
Episode: The Board of Education Meeting of 11-24-2020
Airdate: 2020-11-24 | Guests: none

The School Counselors give an update and the building principals give a testing report.
Episode: The Board of Education Meeting of 11-10-2020
Airdate: 2020-11-10 | Guests: The Village Board of Trustees

The Board of Education hosts the annual Joint Meeting with the Village Board of Trustees on Zoom and invites public comment.
Episode: Board of Education Meeting of 10-20-2020
Airdate: 2020-10-20 | Guests: none

The Board of Education receives the 2019-2020 fiscal year audit report, a capital project phase 1 update and a strategic Plan II update.