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Series: Lives of Service
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: An off-shoot of "The Listening Place"
Producer(s): Nancy Rosanoff,

23 episodes available

Episode: Robert Ellsberg: "The Saints' Guide to Happiness"
Airdate: 2007-05-25 | Guests: Robert Ellsberg

Robert talks about his book: "The Saints' Guide to Happiness" and his work as editor of Orbis Books.
Episode: Patricia Edmiston: A Maryknoll nurse/sister
Airdate: 2003-10-16 | Guests: Patricia Edmiston

Patricia talks about her work caring for Sisters after their retirement from service.
Episode: Linda Lantieri part 2: Schools with Spirit
Airdate: 2006-09-28 | Guests: Linda Lantieri

Linda talks about what it means for teachers to bring their whole selves to work - including their spiritual lives. In this time of national interest in the role of prayer/meditati
Episode: Sister Marie Dennis
Airdate: 2005-06-20 | Guests: Sister Marie Dennis

Maryknoll Sister Marie Dennis, guest.
Episode: Sister Teresa McGee
Airdate: 2005-06-20 | Guests: Sister Teresa McGee

Sister Teresa McGee, guest in Maryknoll series "Lives of Service."