Series: At The Kitchen Table - 3 episodes available

Episode: "A Conversation with Greg Kemp"
Airdate: 2010-08-14 | Guests: Greg Kemp, BRS School Psychologist

Vanessa Catalano interviews BRS School Psychologist on ways to work with your child out of school to better prepare him/her for school.
Episode: An Interview with Elyssa Rothe
Airdate: 2009-12-16 | Guests: Elyssa Rothe, Coordinator of Westchester/Bronx Energy Smart Communities

Making your home more efficient.
Episode: A Conversation with Laurie Mandel
Airdate: 2009-10-31 | Guests: Laurie Mandel, Ed.D. Founder/Executive Director of Get A Voice

Get a Voice Project founder and Executive Director Laurie Mandel.