Series: Health iQ - 30 episodes available

Episode: A Conversation with Rebecca Meyerson, Certified Nutritionist
Airdate: 2016-12-07 | Guests: Rebecca Meyerson, Certified Nutritionist

Dr. Alan Siegel discusses nutrition with Certified Nutritionist, Rebecca Meyerson.
Episode: Westchester Health
Airdate: 2016-08-29 | Guests: Lauren Adler, MD, FAAP Tiffany Werbin-Silver, MD, FACOG

Dr. Alan Siegel, Host, interviews Dr. Lauren Adler, Pediatrics (Westchester Health) and Dr. Tiffany Werbin-Silver, Obstetrics & Gynecology (Westchester Health) about current trends
Episode: Physical Medicine with Stacy Spivack Gross, MD
Airdate: 2016-08-04 | Guests: Stacy Spivack Gross

Dr. Alan Siegel interviews Stacy Spivack Gross, MD (Physical Medicine/Sports Medicine at CareMount Medical), about currenttrends and solutions in the field.
Episode: Modern Internal Medicine
Airdate: 2016-05-04 | Guests: none

Host Dr. Alan Siegel has a conversation with local Dr. Frank Contacessa, Westchester Health Associates, M.D. Internal Medicine, about seasonal health concerns, Lyme disease and al
Episode: Sports Injury Symposium
Airdate: 2016-02-11 | Guests: John Bauerlein Joe Palumbo

Host Dr. Alan Siegel discusses injury action plans for parents of an athlete and the upcoming Sports Injury Symposium (March 7) with John Bauerlein, Pleasantville School District A