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Series: Health iQ - 30 episodes available

Episode: A Conversation wiyh Elan L. Goldwasser
Airdate: 2021-08-24 | Guests: Elan L. Goldwaser

Dr Alan Siegel interviews Elan L. Goldwaser, D.O., C.A.Q.S.M., Assistant Professor of Sports Medicine Columbia University Medical Center, New York-Presbyterian Hospital, about the
Episode: A conversation with Dr. Melody Hrubes
Airdate: 2021-07-21 | Guests: Dr. Melody Hrubes

Dr. Alan Siegel interviews Dr. Melody Hrubes, MD< Sports Medicine of Rothman Orthopaedics, about her work, current trends and practices.
Episode: Dr. Stuart Elkowitz, MD
Airdate: 2021-06-04 | Guests: Dr. Stuart Elkowitz, MD

Host, Dr. Alan Siegel, interviews Dr. Stuart Elkowitz, MD, Orthopedic Hand Wrist & Elbow Specialist/Surgeon from NYU Langone Medical Center, about the current trends and practices
Episode: Dr. James Cassell
Airdate: 2020-03-02 | Guests: Dr. James Cassell

Host Alan Siegel interviews Dr. James Cassell, Physical Therapyst at ProClinix, about current physical therapy trends and solutions in the field.
Episode: Jordan Bledsoe
Airdate: 2020-02-14 | Guests: Jordan Bledsoe

Host Alan Siegel interviews Jordan Bledsoe, Director of Performance at Velocity Sports Performance - Westchester, about current sports performance trends and solutions in the field