Series: Pleasantville Connects To VISUAL ARTS
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: Spending the bulk of her time isolated in her studio while she paints, her dream was to have a place where other artists would come together and talk about art....stimulating discussion being an incentive to creation. In her interview program she connects with other artists, albeit, usually one at a time. Interviewed artists tell the stories of how they create, how they got to where they are in their artwork, their work is shown on screen, and the viewing audience acquires knowledge about art in the surrounding area.
Producer(s): GG Kopilak,

45 episodes available

Episode: Suzanne Benton
Airdate: 2010-10-07 | Guests: Suzanne Benton

GG Kopilak interviews Suzanne Benton about her varied artwork.
Episode: Richard Deon: Paradox and Conformity
Airdate: 2010-08-05 | Guests: Richard Deon

GG Kopilak interviews Richard Deon about his art and current art show "Richard Deon: Paradox and Conformity" at The Hudson River Museum.
Episode: Westchester ARC
Airdate: 2010-05-22 | Guests: Ric Swierat and Rob Miss

Ric Sweirat and Rob Miss speak with Pleasantville Connects to VISUAL ARTS host GG Kopilak about the aspects of Westchester ARC.
Episode: Dyan Rosenberg
Airdate: 2010-05-22 | Guests: Dyan Rosenberg

Dyan Rosenberg speaks to Pleasantville Connects to VISUAL ARTS host GG Kopilak about all aspects of her work as an artist and designer.
Episode: A Conversation With Hugh Karraker
Airdate: 2010-04-28 | Guests: Hugh Karraker

GG Kopilak discusses bakelite with Hugh Karraker, Grandson of Leo Baekeland.

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