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Series: Complementary Health - 6 episodes available

Episode: Camino de Santiago
Airdate: 2019-09-18 | Guests: Tim Dirgins

Host Juliette Saisselin interviews Tim Dirgins about his recent month long, 800 Kilometer hiking adventure through Spain to Santiago which started in France.
Episode: Heart Healthy Recipes
Airdate: 2016-06-30 | Guests: Chris Kulusic

Host Juliette Saisselin-Killion and guest, Chris Kulusic, demonstrate how to prepare "heart healthy" meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner including their recipes.
Episode: "Heart Perfect Diet"
Airdate: 2016-01-16 | Guests: Chris Kulusic

Juliette Saisselin-Killion, host, interviews Chris Kulusic about heart disease and how his diet has helped to improve his.
Episode: Ken Cook Answers YOUR Questions on the Dark Act
Airdate: 2015-12-16 | Guests: Ken Cook

Ken Cook, Founder and President of Environmental Working Group, Answers YOUR Questions on the Dark Act
Episode: Alternative Options for Pain Management
Airdate: 2014-12-02 | Guests: Kenneth Hoffman

Juliette Saiselin-Killion interviews Kenneth Hoffman, Director of Integrative Medecine of Sophia Natural Health Center, about the alternative choice of acupuncture to manage/cure p