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Series: Pleasantville Garden Club - 75 episodes available

Episode: Dealing with Water in Your Garden
Airdate: 2022-07-18 | Guests: Maria Sanderleaf

GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis speak with Maria Sanderleaf about her solution for dealing with water in her garden.
Episode: Weeds
Airdate: 2022-07-04 | Guests: none

GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis meet in GG's yard to talk weeds.
Episode: Shade Garden Tour
Airdate: 2022-06-16 | Guests: Jim Gurski

Hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, visit with Jim Gurski to tour his Shade Garden and learn.
Episode: Community Garden
Airdate: 2022-06-15 | Guests: Josie DiCostanza Andrienne Sandler

Hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, visit with Josie DiCostanza and Andrienne Sandler as they work with the Town of Mt. Pleasant DPW to creat a new Community Garden near the ente
Episode: Vegetable Gardening with Susanna Kwong
Airdate: 2022-06-02 | Guests: Susanna Kwong

In this episode, we visit Susanna Kwong's vegetable gardens. She grows all all her vegetables from seed, makes her own compost and shows us how to do it.