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Series: Pleasantville Garden Club - 61 episodes available

Episode: Pollinator Pathways
Airdate: 2021-02-24 | Guests: Fiona Mitchell Filippine de Haan

Fiona Mitchell and Filippine de Haan, Co-Founders of Healthy Yards, give the a presentation on "Pollinator Pathways" to the Pleasantville Garden Club.
Episode: Hive Society
Airdate: 2021-02-24 | Guests: Wendy Murphy, Environmentalist and Beekeeper

Wendy Murphy, Environmentalist and Beekeeper, gives the Pleasantville Garden club a presentation on bees.
Episode: How to design Like a Landscape Professional
Airdate: 2021-02-01 | Guests: Lynn Becker, Landscape Designer

Lynn Becker, Landscape Designer, gives the Pleasantville Garden Club a Zoom presentation on"How to design Like a Landscape Professional".
Episode: A few Minutes with Flowering Trees
Airdate: 2020-04-01 | Guests: Josie DiCostanzo

Pleasantville Garden Club Member, Josie DiCostanzo, speaks about flowering native trees.
Episode: A Few Minutes on Growing Vegetables
Airdate: 2020-03-10 | Guests: Senta Stich

Senta Stich, Pleasantville Garden Club Member, gives tips on growing vegetables.