Series: Pleasantville Garden Club
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: The Pleasantville Garden Club produces television programs to increase the community's knowledge and enjoyment of horticulture. Club members also value the importance of protecting our environment. Our programs feature experts in horticulture, gardening outdoors and indoors, flower arranging, and environmental issues by speakers who are well known gardeners including authors of gardening books. Meetings are held the first Thursday morning of each month from October to June. Members include residents of Pleasantville, Thornwood, Hawthorne, and Valhalla.
Producer(s): Billie Jean Sorensen,

82 episodes available

Episode: Dividing Perennials
Airdate: 2022-04-19 | Guests: none

In this episode, Josie DiCostanza shows us how to divide perennials and thus multiply plant stock at no cost.
Episode: Making a New Flower Bed
Airdate: 2022-04-19 | Guests: none

Co-hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, show how to make a new flower bed with only a little digging.
Episode: Untermyer Gardens Conservancy: Past, Present & Future
Airdate: 2022-04-14 | Guests: Timothy Tilghman

Timothy Tilghman, Head Gardener of Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, gives a presentation on the garden's past, present and the future.
Episode: Butterflies & Moths
Airdate: 2022-03-14 | Guests: Charlie Roberto

Charlie Roberto, Board Member of Teatown Lake Reservation, gives a presentation on butterflies and moths.
Episode: An Interview with Jyoti Tewani
Airdate: 2021-12-15 | Guests: Therese Washburn, Guest Host Jyoti Tewani

Host, Therese Washburn interviews Jyoti Tewani about her new restaurant "Root2Rise NY" which is a 100% Plant Based Cafe with the philosophy Food as Medicine.