Series: Pleasantville Garden Club - 75 episodes available

Episode: "A Conversation with Carine R. Feist"
Airdate: 2013-01-28 | Guests: Carine R. Feist, M.P.H. Chef/Instructor Associate Editor, Inside Chappaqua Magazine

Carine talks about her work in many venues. Starting as an epidemiologist, she moved on to become a first class caterer, and now writes and teaches about food and health.
Episode: A Taste of Business in Westchester
Airdate: 2012-05-12 | Guests: Dr. Marsha Gordon, President/CEO of Business Council of Westchester

A taste of Faith Ann Butcher's interview of Dr. Marsha Gordon, President/CEO of Business Council.
Episode: Urban and Sustainable Agriculture in Cuba
Airdate: 2012-05-12 | Guests: Anna Snider, Cornell Cooperative Extension

Anna Snider of Cornell Cooperative Extension discusses her recent horticultural exploits in Cuba.
Episode: "Our Landscape Trees"
Airdate: 2012-01-14 | Guests: Thomas Marino, Certified Arborist

Thomas Marino, Certified Arborist, discusses diseases that can attack our trees and what can be done to help.
Episode: "A Conversation With Dr. Neil Hendrickson; Part 2"
Airdate: 2012-01-14 | Guests: Dr. Neil Hendrickson

Billie Jean Sorensen discusses how to pick an arborist with Neil Hendrickson, Ph.D. of Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories.