Series: Pleasantville Garden Club - 77 episodes available

Episode: The Healing Garden: The Power of Place
Airdate: 2009-05-24 | Guests: Jan Johnsen

Designing a healing garden by Jan Johnsen.
Episode: The Healing Garden: Herbs That Heal
Airdate: 2009-05-24 | Guests: Andrea Candee, Master Herbologist, Author

Antibiotics versus herbs by master herbologist and author Andrea Candee.
Episode: Deer Resistant Perennials
Airdate: 2009-05-24 | Guests: Brad Roeller, Institute of Ecosystem Studies

A discussion of perennials which are deer resistant.
Episode: Spring Beauty Flower Arranging
Airdate: 2009-05-24 | Guests: Leah Kennell

Flower arranging by Leah Kennell.
Episode: A Tour of Vivian Utko's Garden
Airdate: 2008-08-15 | Guests: Vivian Utko, Master Gardener

Organic gardening featuring herbs.