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Series: Pleasantville STRONG - 23 episodes available

Episode: Marijuana Legalization Laws
Airdate: 2021-08-25 | Guests: Laura Moore

Pleasantville STRONG Coalition Coordinator, Laura Moore, shares facts about the NYS Marijuana leagalization, local sales and their impact on youth in the community.
Episode: Marijuana 101
Airdate: 2021-05-20 | Guests: Dr. Alicia Murray

Dr. Alicia Murray gives an open and honest presentation outlining facts on marijuana and the developing brain.
Episode: IPS - Student Assistance Services Ex2a.mp4
Airdate: 2021-02-16 | Guests: Mary Ann Flatley, Student Asstistance Counselor

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, interviews, Mary Ann Flatley, Student Asstistance Counselor, about her unique role in the Pleasantville Schools.
Episode: Out of the Shadows
Airdate: 2020-11-12 | Guests: Stephanie Marquesano, the founder of the Harris Project

On Thursday, 11/12, Pville STRONG and Pleasantville parent organizations hosted a Community Conversation with Stephanie Marquesano, the founder of the Harris Project, a non-profit
Episode: Zoom Interview with Mary Ann Flatley
Airdate: 2020-05-01 | Guests: Nicole Malgarinos Mary Ann Flatley

Pleasantville STRONG Coalition Coordinator, Nicole Malgarinos, interviews Mary Ann Flatley, Student Assistance Services Counselor at PMS and PHS, about available student resources.