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Series: Inside Pleasantville Schools - 9 episodes available

Episode: Arts and Athletics
Airdate: 2021-04-08 | Guests: none

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, explores the "Arts and Athletics" inside the Pleasantville Schools.
Episode: Student Assistance Services
Airdate: 2021-02-24 | Guests: Mary Ann Flatley

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, interviews Student Assistance Sevices Counselor, Mary Ann Flatley, about her role inside Pleasatville Schools.
Episode: Student Choices & Strategies
Airdate: 2021-01-14 | Guests: Julia O'Reilly Joyce Connell

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, discusses "Student Choices and Strategies" with Julia O'Reilly, PHS Student, and Joyce Connell, Coordinator of School Counseling.
Episode: A Conversation with School Physician, Dr. Roye
Airdate: 2020-11-20 | Guests: Dr. Kristin Roye

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, discusses COVID-19 with School Physician, Dr. Kristin Roye.
Episode: A Conversation With Our Parent Leaders
Airdate: 2020-10-23 | Guests: Jennifer Gorsuch Danielle Dispenza Chritina Wood Andi Busch

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, interviews the Parent Leaders of the Pleasantville Schools in all three buildings and Special Education.