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Series: Inside Pleasantville Schools
Category: Education
Description: Inside Pleasantville Schools highlights educational topics via in depth interviews with administrators, teachers and community stakeholders.

13 episodes available

Episode: Student Life and Opportunities
Airdate: 2022-03-22 | Guests: none

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, interviews students and hears from department heads about student life and their academic and extra-curricular opportunities.
Episode: School District Community Partners
Airdate: 2021-11-09 | Guests: Erik Grutzner Brian Hollaran Jolina Hollaran

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, highlights Pleasantville School District "Community Partners" featuring interviews with Village Police Chief, Erik Grtutzner, and with Break The Hold Fou
Episode: A Conversation with Dan Iorio, Athlethic Director
Airdate: 2021-09-27 | Guests: none

Host, Emily Rubin Persons talks athletics with Pleasantville School District's new Athletic Director, Dan Iorio.
Episode: A Conversation with the Assistant Principals
Airdate: 2021-06-07 | Guests: Dr. Adam Chagares Gregg Fonde Rachel Hunger

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, speaks with the assistant principals at the middle school, high school and the elementary school about their leadership roles and what their jobs entail.
Episode: Arts and Athletics
Airdate: 2021-04-08 | Guests: none

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, explores the "Arts and Athletics" inside the Pleasantville Schools.