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Series: Inside Pleasantville Schools - 10 episodes available

Episode: A Conversation with the Assistant Principals
Airdate: 2021-06-07 | Guests: Dr. Adam Chagares Gregg Fonde Rachel Hunger

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, speaks with the assistant principals at the middle school, high school and the elementary school about their leadership roles and what their jobs entail.
Episode: Arts and Athletics
Airdate: 2021-04-08 | Guests: none

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, explores the "Arts and Athletics" inside the Pleasantville Schools.
Episode: Student Assistance Services
Airdate: 2021-02-24 | Guests: Mary Ann Flatley

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, interviews Student Assistance Sevices Counselor, Mary Ann Flatley, about her role inside Pleasatville Schools.
Episode: Student Choices & Strategies
Airdate: 2021-01-14 | Guests: Julia O'Reilly Joyce Connell

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, discusses "Student Choices and Strategies" with Julia O'Reilly, PHS Student, and Joyce Connell, Coordinator of School Counseling.
Episode: A Conversation with School Physician, Dr. Roye
Airdate: 2020-11-20 | Guests: Dr. Kristin Roye

Host, Emily Rubin Persons, discusses COVID-19 with School Physician, Dr. Kristin Roye.