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Series: About Writing
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: Host and author Ben Cheever interviews writers about their books.
Producer(s): Ben Cheever,

105 episodes available

Episode: Permit Me to Wite My Own Ending
Airdate: 2023-09-13 | Guests: Rebecca Faulkner

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews Rebecca Faulkner, Author of "Permit Me to Provide My Own Ending", about her book of poetry and her writing process.
Episode: Las Madres
Airdate: 2023-09-13 | Guests: Esmeralda Santiago

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews Esmeralda Santiago, Author of "Las Madres", about her book and her writing process.
Episode: Expert Terrain
Airdate: 2023-09-13 | Guests: Diane Schenker

Host, Ben Cheever, interviews Diane Schenker, Author of "Expert Terrain", about her book of poetry and her writing process.
Episode: Picture in the Sand
Airdate: 2023-05-26 | Guests: Peter Blauner

Ben Cheever, Host, speaks with Peter Blauner, Writer, about his new book, "Picture in the Sand" and how it differs from his previous works such as "Slow Motion Riot".
Episode: Feather & Bone
Airdate: 2023-03-30 | Guests: Kathleen Williamson

Host, Ben Cheever, speaks with Author, Kathleen Williamson, about peotry, writing and her book, "Feather & Bone"

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