Series: Outside in Your Garden - 3 episodes available

Episode: Pleasantville Garden Club Plant Sale Preview
Airdate: 2022-05-05 | Guests: none

Hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, visit Carolyn Ramsey's garden to look at the plants that will be available at the Pleasantville Garden Club's Sale happening on Saturday, May
Episode: Dividing Perennials
Airdate: 2022-04-19 | Guests: none

In this episode, Josie DiCostanza shows us how to divide perennials and thus multiply plant stock at no cost.
Episode: Making a New Flower Bed
Airdate: 2022-04-19 | Guests: none

Co-hosts, GG Kopilak and Michael Inglis, show how to make a new flower bed with only a little digging.