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Series: Outside in Your Garden
Category: Pleasantville Public Access
Description: "Outside in Your Garden" is a series of short how to videos.
Producer(s): GG Kopilak, Michael Inglis,

28 episodes available

Episode: Bees
Airdate: 2023-09-20 | Guests: Michael Barry

GG and Michael visit Michael Barry and his bees and learn about beekeeping.
Episode: Return to Shobah Vanchiswar's Garden
Airdate: 2023-11-13 | Guests: Shobah Vanchiswar

GG and Michael revisit Shobha Vanchiswar's garden, where she shows us her vertical fern wall and teaches us how to plant spring bulbs.
Episode: Return to Jean Nonna's Garden
Airdate: 2023-08-25 | Guests: Jean Nonna

GG and Michael revisit Jean Nonna's Garden to see how the plants that she overwintered inside are doing outside.
Episode: Bonzai Basics
Airdate: 2023-08-02 | Guests: Bernie Gordon

GG and Michael visit Bernie Gordon to learn the basics of Bonzai.
Episode: Learning About Hydrangeas
Airdate: 2023-07-27 | Guests: Michael Inglis Mitzi Weissman

GG and Mitzi visit Michael's garden to learn about the different varieties of hydrangeas he has in his garden.

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