Series: Pleasantville Public Access

Pleasantville’s channel 76 on Optimum: Catch all of Pleasantville’s public program here.

Produced by: Nick Antonaccio
This program features an unedited look at what's happening in Pleasantville.
A local organization offering the community news on current programs and information on how to reduce, re-use and recycle.
The Pleasantville STRONG (Safe Teens, Real Oportunities, New Goals) series addresses adolescent drug and alcohol issues through discussion in an effort to change community attitudes and reduce use and abuse.
Produced by: John Krysko
Where are we and where are we going.
Produced by: Jim Horigan
The Roadhouse is a place where interesting guests come to talk about their journey through life and how they came to be who they are today. A typical Roadhouse is established outside city limits in order to operate unconventionally and without judgment. That is how a guest should feel here, there are no rules.
Bridging the emotional and financial expanse between retiring and retirement can be daunting if your planning isn't thorough and your expectations are unrealistic. Your hosts Charley and Heidi explore a number of pertinent topics with their guest experts, drawing on their own history as retirees and offering suggestions and perspectives on maximizing your retirement experience.
Produced by: John Nonna
John Nonna discusses local issues with special guests.
Produced by: Adam David Cohen
Located at 147 Wheeler Avenue, ARC Stages new home will provide an artistic haven for the community where theatre, dance, music and art will converge for youth and adults!
Produced by: Stephen Halpern
The Arts in Westchester is a program devoted to seeing and listening to professional musicians either as soloists or in groups. The program includes personal interviews with the musicians which enables the audience to "get to know" the artists both personally and professionally. Steve Halpern, the originator of the show, serves as producer and host. He is assisted by station manager Shane McGaffey (PCTV Station Manager) who fine tunes the lighting, direction and videography. Steve enjoys capturing audio and editing the programs.
Produced by: Emma Frank
The Buzz is a bi-monthly show that will be highlighting all of the latest things to do, restaurant openings, local theater, live music, government, schools, library programs and anything else that is happening in our Village of Pleasantville. The shows aim is to provide you with information about what is going on locally that might inspire you to get out and do something you havent done before, check out a restaurant, or learn something new. Each episode will air for about two weeks and cover the first half of the month and then we will do another show to cover the second half of the month.