Series: Pleasantville Public Access

Pleasantville’s channel 76 on Optimum: Catch all of Pleasantville’s public program here.

Filmed events sponsored by the Village of Pleasntville.
Produced by: Zach Ossowski
The Ville Podcast is a podcast, online radio show, and television program that airs through Sports Radio America and Pleasantville Community Television. Six lifelong friends who just live to talk sports thought it would be fun to record these conversations they were already having and send it out for all to hear. They hope you enjoy the show and encourage you to come along every week as they return home, to The Ville.
Two Steps To The Left is a program hosted by two astute liberals. Wayne McPartland is a Battalion Chief in the New York City Fire Department. He's steady under pressure and doesn't back away from any conservative in a political debate. David Dollface is a social worker with an MBA from Harvard. He is the more unpredictable of the two. One moment he's in total agreement with Wayne, the next he's on the attack. Every show may be his last. Can Wayne handle the problems of the world and David at the same time? Tune in and enjoy the show.
Produced by: Jonathan Cunningham
Jonathan Cunningham, host, follows local interest stories to keep residents in the know.
Produced by: Chris Bro
Chris Bro of Next does a TV version of his radio show.
The Village of Pleasantville has a new food scrap recycling program. "What Would Helen Do?" answers the questions Pleasantville residents may be asking themselves about the program.
Produced by: Nick Antonaccio
Host, Nick Antonaccio discusses "Whats Happening in Pleasantville" with guests that are making a difference in the Village of Pleasantville.
Produced by: Marlene Canapi
What's New Pleasantville is produced at PCTV by Marlene Canapi. It is both conceived and written by Middle School students. PCTV acts as their classroom, while students gain multiple television production skills, including elements such as: scriptwriting, acting, interviewing, and other phases of program development such as making commercials, marketing and branding.
Since 1984 Winbrook Pride has provided a multitude of activities and events for children, youth and teens and has established itself as a vital part of the community. Partnering with other local agencies, organizations and businesses, Winbrook Pride continues to evolve its activity offerings to meet the ever changing needs of the community. In 1992, to address the burgeoning need for a mentoring program, the Winbrook Pride Mentoring Program was established and has gained the attention of many prominent community leaders, who have served as mentors to over 500 children and youth.