Title: Episode 28:"Constitutionalism": A Taste
About This Episode Title: Episode 28:"Constitutionalism": A Taste Airdate: 2012-08-03 Guests: Tony Futia, North Castle Resident, Former North Castle Employee, Former Valhalla School Board Member Series: Examiner News Talk Topics: Local news Hosts: theexaminernews.com Description: A Taste of Host Martin Wilbur's, Editor-In-Chief of The Examiner News, interview with Tony Futia, North Castle Resident, Former North Castle Employee and Former Valhalla School Board Member, on constitutionalism and how government should work.
About the Series Title: Examiner News Talk Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: theexaminernews.com, Faith Ann Butcher, Andrew Vitelli, Linda Becker Description: This show features interviews with newsmakers and spotlights guests and issues of interest throughout the area. Examiner Media editors Martin Wilbur, Faith Ann Butcher and Andrew Vitelli host episodes on a rotating basis to highlight a variety of topics that are in the news throughout the region as well as profile notable people in the communities covered by the Examiner newspapers.
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