Title: The Village Board Meeting of 5-11-2009
About This Episode Title: The Village Board Meeting of 5-11-2009 Airdate: 2009-05-11 Series: The Village Board presents Hosts: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Res. No. 2009-89-Authorization to Retain Adler Consulting for Traffic Engineering Services/Church Street (25m45s)
Res. No. 2009-90-Approval of Pre-Check Register (26m50s)
Res. No. 2009-91-Approval of Minutes/April 27, 2009 (28m10s)
Res. No. 2009-92-Approval to Close Holy Innocents Parking Lot for a Youth Service Event (28m35s)
Res. No. 2009-93-Authorization to Retain the Services of Virtual Town Hall for Web-Site Design Changes (30m25s)
Res. No. 2009-94-Authorization to Retain the Services of the RBA Group for a Memorial Plaza Intermodal Access Project Design Report (33m40s)
Res. No. 2009-95-Levy & Extension of Property Taxes 2009-2010 and Authorization to Sign Tax Warrant (53m15s)
Res. No. 2009-96-Approval of Budget Amendments (55m15s)
Res. No. 2009-97-Approval of Outdoor Alcoholic Beverage Permit (58m25s)
Res. No. 2009-98-Appointment to Architectural Review Board (1h01m35s)
About the Series Title: The Village Board presents Category: Government Produced By: The Village of Pleasantville Description: Filmed Board Work Sessions, Board Meetings and Forums archiving the discussions and actions taken by the Village of Pleasantville Board of Trustees.
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