Title: "Section 1 Bracketology Special"
About This Episode Title: "Section 1 Bracketology Special" Airdate: 2013-02-13 Series: Pleasantville Panthers Game of the Week Topics: Varsity Backetball Sectional Brackets Hosts: Thomas Prizeman Description: Tom Prizeman breaks down the Section 1 Varsity Basketball Brackets and your Panthers' road to the Countt Center.
About the Series Title: Pleasantville Panthers Game of the Week Category: Pleasantville Public Access Produced By: Thomas Prizeman Description: Pleasantville Panther Game of the Week- Every week we will be there to cover your Pleasantville High School Panthers as they battle rivals. We broadcast full games of everything from Girls Basketball to Boys Lacrosse to Football and everything in between. Sit back and relax as Broadcasters Tom Prizeman and Rob Adams bring you all of the athletic action.
Video Bookmarks 00:03:14 - Class A Boys

00:07:30 - Class B Boys

00:20:14 - Class C Boys

00:22:22 - Class D Boys

00:24:18 - Class AA Girls

00:28:16 - Class A Girls

00:29:53 - Class B Girls

00:35:45 - Class C Girls

00:37:26 - Wrap up and picks

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