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Title: A Walk in the Rose' GardenSeries: Glass up, Glass downAirdate: 2009-05-22Views: 0 this month, 1576 life to date


Rose' Wines


John and Nick discuss and sample rose' wines.

About the Series

Title Glass up, Glass down
Category Pleasantville Public Access
Description This weekly series focuses on adventures in wine and food around the globe, always from a local New York perspective. Each episode presents a theme that evolves around specific wine regions or grape varieties, coupled with pairings of food. Local food and wine establishments are frequently featured, including restaurants, caterers and gourmet food shops. Episodes immerse viewers in a virtual tour as the hosts discuss the history and background of select wine regions, wines and foods. Viewers are tantalized with on-screen wine and food tastings, accompanied by appropriate pairings. Each tasting is rated by the hosts, who challenge each other's decisions in a friendly exchange of opinions and insights.

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An Evening of Fine Wine and Fine Food

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Guests: Len Fogel, Vice President of Business and Development,Phelps Memorial Hospital Center

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The New world of Spanish Wines - Reds

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South African Wines

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The Cheese and Bubbly Challenge

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California Chardonnay Redux

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Wine: Episode 1

Airdate: 03/14/2009

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The Wines of Chile

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